“And He’s Rounding Third Base, Heading Home!!!”

So I am back in Burlington after a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break. It was really good to go home for a few days, catch up with friends and family, and eat lots and lots of turkey! I honestly think that I spent more time in bed during break, as I did a lot of catching up with my sleep. You tend to stay up later when in college, whether it be for studying or writing a paper, so breaks are a great way to catch up with sleep. It didn’t help that my parents bought a new mattress for my room; one that has the memory foam in it. I would hop into bed and be catching some zzzzz’s right away!

Back in Burlington though we are coming down the home stretch of the semester. We finish classes next Wednesday, and then I jump right into finals on Thursday. I have four finals this semester, which is the most that I’ve had since arriving here last fall. It is certainly going to be very daunting taking four finals in less than one week, as my other finals are Friday, Monday and Tuesday. This is also the time of year when the libraries will be absolutely packed; it becomes very difficult to find any open desks to study at.

But once I pass in that last final exam on Tuesday, I will officially be on winter break. This has been a very busy semester for me, and I can’t believe that it is already December (Happy December, by the way!). I recently picked out my classes for next semester, and it turns out that I have class at 8:30 every day next semester! That is not going to be a lot of fun; waking up so early every day. But I am taking a class called “Tolkein’s Middle Earth” which I think will be about The Lord of the Rings series. But I need to focus on finishing this semester first, with finals looming in the near future.

I’m debating moving my bed (sadly not the memory foam one) into the library, as I think that I will be living there over the next few weeks. So until we meet again, wish me luck on my finals (ahhhhh!) and pray for snow to come to Vermont; I’m getting impatient!

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  2. I miss my college years. Even the finals. But 4 in one week is a little too much, isn’t it? Well I hope it went well.

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