My very own happy place…

I’m sure that everyone has seen the movie “Happy Gilmore” starring Adam Sandler which tells the story of a washed up semi-pro hockey player whose amazing golf drive earns him the chance to play in the PGA. For those who have not seen this movie, it is a must. While it did not win any Oscars, you will get a kick out of it and have a few laughs. During the movie Happy deals with some emotional and anger issues…


…but at the end of the day he is able to look beyond his issue and win that big paycheck. But how does he do this? By going to his “happy place!” For Happy, this involves looking inside himself when the times get tough and remembering the happy things and those people that he truly cares about.

For myself, I think that I just found my “happy place” while I sit and write this blog. This past week was very stressful for me. We had elections in my fraternity where I was elected President (hooray!!), but a revote was asked for, and I lost. Talk about a roller coaster ride of emotion over 72 hours! But I was elected as the Vice President of Recruitment which is another position that I really wanted. And school work was really hitting home hard, and I just wanted to go home for the weekend – which I did. Home is certainly my happy place because I’m with my family, and I don’t have to think about exams, studying, or turning in a term paper.

But what about when I come back to school? Well like I said before, tonight I found my happy place. I am currently sitting in the Davis Student Center on the third floor in the Summit Room. I never saw this room before, until I passed it while trying to find a place to study tonight. It is a pretty small room with massive windows and a HUGE ceiling (maybe 100 feet up!). But the best part is, I’m by myself. This room is adjacent to a large ballroom and you can barely see if from the hallway. I’ve been here for two hours doing homework, studying, and not worrying about what tomorrow holds. I’m truly in my happy place right now! And before you know it, I’ll be home on Thanksgiving break in my favorite happy place – home.

But I think I’ll get back to writing my geology lab report about…you guessed it…rocks! And don’t let anyone know about this place in the Davis Center! I want it to remain a secret happy place, that only a few people know about. Otherwise everyone at UVM will be stealing my happy place!

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  7. I’m in my happy place right now too.

    P.S.: I love Happy Gilmore.

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