Hello? Mike Deedy? Are you there? Do you know that you have a blog?

Well hello again everyone, it has been a very long time since I last blogged, and I truly apologize. But luck for you, that means that this entry will extra, extra long! A lot has happened since my last blog (which seems like forever ago), and this is the pristine time to fill everyone in on what has been happening in my life.

Following Greek Week, we held the annual Greek Flag Football tournament Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun, especially since my fraternity ended up winning the championship! However the “not so fun” part was having to referee the majority of the games that were played. I didn’t think that everyone would take the games so serious, until I stepped onto the field and saw the intensity in everyone’s eyes. People were yelling at me the entire time, and I simply had to remind them that it was a flag football tournament and NFL scouts were not coming to scout and draft anyone playing; much to the demise of the quarterback on my team!

Also the weekend prior to Halloween, a bunch of buddies and myself volunteered at the Haunted Forest in Williston, Vermont. The Haunted Forest is an event that happens each year where people can walk through the “haunted forest” of the Williston Woods and learns about the mythical creatures and inhabitants that live there. When we got there myself and my two buddies, Aaron and Sam, had our faces painted as ghosts, and we told that we would be tour guides during the evening. We were not allowed to interact with the public, especially during the tour. We just had to guide them through the haunted forest. I ended up guiding two tours during the night, however just as we were beginning the second tour, it started to downpour. While the weather certainly put a damper on things, I was truly put in the Halloween spirit. My favorite part of the night was looking at the thousands of jack-o-lanterns that were spread out along the course of the tour. You could tell that there were some done by professionals, and others done by little kids. But either way, it still brought a smile to my face!

So I think that has been my life since my last blog. Sadly tomorrow I have two exams, chemistry and geology, and then it’s home free until the weekend. I also was nominated to become the next president of my fraternity, so I will spend the entirety of my weekend preparing my speech, and maybe even saying a few prayers. Wish me luck!!!

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