Looking Back on Parents Weekend

So I’ve come to the conclusion that my brain is completely fried from studying geology all day in preparation for my exam tomorrow, so I decided to write another blog. This past weekend was parents weekend here at UVM, which essentially means that about 5,000 parents come to visit their children and Burlington becomes one giant parking lot for the entire weekend.

My parents were one of the 5,000 parents that decided to come up and visit, and it was actually a lot of fun. They arrived Friday afternoon and shortly after took me out to dinner. I chose to go to Al’s French Fries in South Burlington. It’s an old fashioned fast food joint where the food is very greasy, very inexpensive, and very good. After dinner they came back to my fraternity house where I live and I gave them the grand tour of our recently renovated house. Friday evening culminated into my brother and I playing video games, watching Rush Hour 2, and playing billiards until 2:00 am!

Saturday morning some of my fraternity brothers, my family, and myself hiked up Mount Philo in Charlotte, Vermont in support of the “Hike for Haiti.” This event raises money that is donated to local hospitals in Haiti that provide care for impoverished families. The hike was not that difficult, and at the summit there were refreshments and a Haitian band playing Haitian instruments. The views from the top of the mountain were amazing…


This image is a picture of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains in New York.


This picture is looking south of the mountain towards southern Vermont. You can’t see a lot because of the overcast weather, but you still can see pretty far away.

After the hike I decided to return to my fraternity house for a quick power nap before going to dinner with my family, some friends, and their families as well. We went to a small Italian restaurant in Shelburne, which was a lot of fun, and had really good food!

After a very busy weekend, my family left early Sunday morning, but I enjoyed every minute with them. I hadn’t talked to my family a lot since arriving back to school in August so it was good to catch up with everyone and see what I had been missing. But now I have to get back to focusing on school work, in particular my chemistry lab report and geology exam! Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving break, and I’ll be heading back home to see my family, eating some turkey, and playing football in the backyard!

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  3. I really like you Vermont pictures. I;m also studying in Vermont as an Au Pair. My host family always participates in parents day, even not being my real parents.

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