Sick of Being Sick..Or Am I?

A lot of happened since the last time I blogged; I had my chemistry test, and I became sick. But let’s look at the good things first; my chem exam went really well and even though I won’t know my grade until tomorrow evening, I’m pretty confident that I did really well. However unfortunately this weekend I came down with bronchitis. You would figure that for someone whose heritage is mostly Irish that he would have some pretty good luck – well, not me. I went to the Student Health Center Friday afternoon after I had been coughing non stop for the past few days. And of course I received the wondeful news that I had bronchitis and had to be placed on antibiotics. That was not exactly the news that I wanted to be getting on a Friday afternoon at 4:00pm.

So I got to spend the entire weekend in my room; mostly just sleeping and studying. I think I spent more time asleep this weekend then actually being awake! But when I was awake I got a lot of studying done and some reading done too. To be honest it was kind of nice being “tied down.” The fact that I was (actually, still am) contagious meant that I wasn’t going anywhere this weekend. It was nice not having to be anywhere, or always being on the run. Since school has started I feel like I have been like an Energizer battery – I just keep going and going and going and…you get the point.

But now the weekend is coming to a close, and of course I have another exam tomorrow; physics this time. This one will be much harder than my chemistry exam, but who knows, maybe the luck of the Irish will turn itself around and help me this time!

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  1. And??? Did you make it to the physics exam and how did you do? Having grown in the middle east before coming to the States, I fully understand what you mean by life on the run. In the middle east live is much slower and people typically take afternoon naps. Surely they have wars over there but we could learn from them to slow a little bit our pace of life for our mental health.

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