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Growing up as a kid I was hooked on the television show called “The West Wing.” This show was on every Wednesday night at 9:00 pm and documented the happenings of President Josian Bartlet, played by the legendary Martin Sheen. It was well known on the show that the nickname for the President was POTUS (President of the United States). This was how the Secret Service referred to Bartlet, as well as his staff and friends.

Last week I had to opportunity to meet the new POTUVM (President of the University of Vermont). E. Thomas Sullivan was recently named the 26th President of the University of Vermont at a press conference held on campus last week. It was a really cool event to go to, which included the UVM Board of Trustees, administration, and the Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin. This was definitely a once in a lifetime type of event, and I’m really glad that I motivated myself to go to this event and meet the future leader of this great university, even if I’m graduating in three months!

A Walk in the Woods

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This semester I am taking a class called “Forest Ecology” and it has quickly become one of my favorite classes this semester. The lecture portion only meets once a week for an hour, but it is the lab section that is the best part of the class.

Each of our labs takes place at the Jericho Research Forest, which is located in Jericho, VT about thirty minutes south of Burlington. UVM purchased the former privately owned forest in the 1950’s, and since then it has flourished as the ideal research center for students and faculty at UVM.

Our first two labs consisted of my group mates and myself conducted various surveys of tree stands located at different regions of the forest. Being someone who has zero background in forestry, I’ve picked up a lot of terminology and information pretty quickly. There really is nothing like spending three hours in the woods, soaking in all what nature and the forest has to offer. And with the spring season upon us, I can’t wait to get back out in the forest with some warmer weather!

The Final Semester

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I’m back up in Burlington for what will be the final semester of college! It’s even more depressing when you write it down, let alone say it aloud. Last week was the first week of classes, nicknamed by many students to be “Syllabus Week,” due to the fact that teachers will spend the first couple classes reviewing the syllabus and going over the guidelines for the course. This means that the first week of classes isn’t too difficult, and the homework did not start to pile up yet. But now we are into the second week of classes, and it’s time to get serious. My classes this semester are:

– Fisheries Management

– Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

– Forest Ecology

– Personal Health

– Earth Hazards

I’m excited for my classes this semester, and I think that I will be learning about some pretty cool material this semester! I just hope it goes by really slow, because, well, this is the end!

The First of Many

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Last week I submitted my first job application for after college! The position is called a Regional Director and I would be working for my fraternity – Sigma Phi Epsilon. Every year SigEp hires eleven men to serve as Regional Directors throughout different regions of the country. The responsibilities of these men include driving to SigEp chapters all over your region (about 20,000 miles in the year!), and working with the undergraduate members, volunteers, and staff of that college or university.

Being hired as an “RD” is a very competitive process as I’ve been told that SigEp only hires “the best of the best.” However, I did receive an email from the person in charge of hiring new staff saying that he has received my application, reviewed it, and will be following up with me in the near future. I guess that’s a good sign!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Vermont Afternoon

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This past Saturday a few of my fraternity brothers and myself spent the day walking around Shelburne Farms. This farm located in Shelburne, VT (just south of Burlington), is a 1,600 acre area of land that was originally claimed and constructed on by the Vanderbilt family in the late 1800’s. Today, the farm land remains an active farm open to the public, and the Vanderbilt house (really, a massive mansion) has been renovated into the Shelburne Farms Inn.

In what was meant to be a day of playing football and tossing around a frisbie became an afternoon of touring the farm, relaxing on the former Vanderbilt outdoor courtyard, and watching the sunset over Lake Champlain. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon with your buddies!

Don’t Jump!

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Last weekend, my mom came up on a Sunday afternoon to Vermont to meet me for lunch and bring me everything that I forgot to bring back up with me to school when I moved into my apartment in late August (mainly just lots of clothes, and all the delicious food that she made for my roommates and I!). Instead of my mom driving the almost four hours up to Burlington from home, we met at a restaurant called the Simon Pearce Restaurant in Quechee, Vermont, about 1.5 hours south of Burlington.

The restaurant was inside of an old mill that had been converted into a restaurant and glass blowing company decades ago. Lunch was absolutely delicious, and it was great to sit down with my mom and catch up on all the news going on back home in Worcester. After lunch, we went for a drive around the town to see the fall foliage, the quaint little Vermont shops, and the world famous Quechee Gorge (which I had never heard of).



These were some of the pictures that I took from my phone, and to my surprise, came out really well. The drop down to the rocks and water was at least a few hundred feet, but the views that you got from the bridge overlooking the gorge were amazing. We even saw two people kayaking down the white rapids of the river – talk about living life on the edge!

But once the 18 wheel truck drove over the bridge, and the bridge started to shake I knew that it was time to get off the bridge ASAP, say goodbye to mom, and head back up to Burlington. Such a great day with my mom!

New England Weather

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I’m currently sitting in my apartment wrapped up in blankets wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt on this terribly overcast and rainy day in Burlington. But just last week it was 80 degrees and sunny, so much that I had to walk downtown to run a couple of errands and visit my favorite “store” on Church St.

 A nice little Caramel Machiatto Shake with Coffee and Caramel Ice Cream 

You would think I would have become accustomed to the crazy New England weather after living here all my life. But no, I’m stuck here on my couch with a cold, looking forward to a big bowl of chili for lunch.

Proud to be a SigEp

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This afternoon I had my first tour of the semester. Before every tour starts we have a brief student panel where the tour guides aka Advocats introduce themselves to the students and families, while also telling a brief introduction about their life here at UVM. During my introduction I mentioned my involvement in Greek Life, being a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and serving as President of the Interfraternity Council. At the conclusion of the student panel, a father walked up to me and pulled me aside. While I thought that he was going to ask me a question, he actually extended my fraternity’s secret handshake to me! I was so taken back by this action; I never imagined that something like this would happen on a tour!

I am proud to be a SigEp!

The ‘Cats Are Back in Town

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The first week of senior year is officially in the books! And what a week it was! For the first time ever during my time at UVM, classes were canceled; and it was the first day of classes! Due to the severe weather brought to Burlington by Hurricane Irene, UVM was shut down for a few days in order to keep everyone safe. I also started a new job this past week – working in the bag room at the Burlington Country Club. My job entails retrieving and cleaning members’ clubs, taking care of the various ranges and putting greens, and driving golf carts all around the golf course. I love my job! The only rough part is that some mornings (ie. yesterday and today) I had to be at work at 6:15 in the morning! Also this semester I do not have classes on Friday! Talk about finally having a good schedule!

But there has been so many other things going on since I got back to Burlington! I’ll be sure to post lots this week about my many adventures thus far!

Network, Network, Network!

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Last Saturday, I gave a tour for admitted students and their families of UVM. There was one family in particular that I made a close connection with and really stood out. I found out that this student lives in the town next to me in Massachusetts, and she currently attends my rival high school (Go Saint John’s!). In talking with this girl during the tour, I found out that she is very interested in majoring in Wildlife Biology, which is VERY similar to my degree of Fisheries Biology. I told her and her family that I would love to sit down with them after the tour and answer any questions that they may have. Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

Upon returning to the admissions office, I talked with this girl and her family for a while answering questions about UVM, majoring in Wildlife/Fisheries Biology, and anything else that was on their minds. Then the mother asked me the question of my plans after college and how I intended to use my major. I told her that I really want to move out to the West Coast (Bay Area of northern California to be exact) and work with the US Army Corps of Engineers (my current employer during summer and winter breaks, working as a park ranger). It turns out that this mother also works for the USACE at our New England Regional District Office, just outside of Boston! I immediately felt my heart jump into my throat, as she was very familiar with my boss and the park where I worked in Connecticut! She gave me her business card and told me to email her in the near future if I decide to pursue a future career with the US Army Corps of Engineers!

Are you serious?!?! Talk about good luck!!! I guess you can say the networking has begun for job hunting after graduation!

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