Centennial Woods Site 11/5/17

Today, I made my way back to my site at Centennial Woods. Since last time, the temperature has been consistently colder, we’ve had a few days of rain, and last Sunday night we had a massive wind storm with really fast and strong winds. Once I entered the woods, my walk looked and felt very different from last time. There were many broken branches and trees that got knocked over from the wind storm, and less leaves on the trees, so the path felt more open and exposed to the sky.

At my place, there were many broken branches strewn across the ground, as a result of the strong, heavy winds. Most were fairly small, but there were a couple of very large branches that got knocked down, making it feel quite different from last time I visited. The large Eastern White Pine looked different, as there were large, broken branches caught and laying on other ones up in the tree, as I photographed.

The leaves on the trees are now almost entirely gone, as only a couple of the young maple trees had approximately 20% of their leaves left. As a result of this, the ground is completely covered in leaves, twigs, pinecones, and small branches. Compared to last time, there is a much higher proportion of red and white oak leaves on the ground compared to last time.

The woods are also more quiet than last time. I can hear the underlying noise of crickets, but only heard birds calling and chirping a few times while out there. However, I heard and saw more squirrels than last time. A squirrel with a pinecone ran by me, and I saw a baby squirrel scurrying up and down a pine tree, all while squeaking and barking, which I assumed was in part because I was there and potentially scaring it.

So, some changes have certainly occurred since last time, in large part because of the windstorm, but also because of the early signs of winter. [All photos and maps were taken/drawn by Madison Busacco]

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