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Saying a (Temporary) Goodbye to Centennial Woods

     I made the familiar trek up Carrigan Drive, passing Rowell and Stafford and the water tower, and down behind Centennial Court to Centennial Woods. I figured that Centennial Woods and I would have to postpone any contact for another month until sometime in late January, so a trip to say a proper goodbye […]

A Human History of Centennial Woods

      Centennial Woods has not always been the “Centennial Woods” that we know today, nor has it always been a forest in its long history. To begin with, what we see today as Centennial Woods and Vermont, in general, came to be about 19,000 years with the slow retreat of the Laurentide ice […]

Stanley Park of Chatham, NJ: Description

Stanley Park is only five minutes by car from my house, but it was not until the beginning of last summer that I visited it. The first time I came there was a special time for me. It was in the early morning of June 22nd, the morning after I graduated high school. The rain […]

Stanley Park of Chatham, NJ: Photos & Map

November 5th Observations, Poem, and Event Map

   When I visited my phenology spot in mid October, some of the leaves were orange or red, while still a cluster was green. It was also quite warm, so it did not feel like fall had truly arrived at all. Now, by early November, the leaves are all colored and some of the trees […]

October 20th Observations

As I walked down the path, trekking deeper and deeper into Centennial Woods, a chilly breeze cooled my hot pink cheeks. Despite a few past crisp days, it was still quite warm for mid October. By the time I reached my observation sight, I was relieved to put my pack down and catch my breath, […]

Centennial Woods Observation Site Map

Exploring Centennial Woods: Tuesday, October 2nd

In 1845, Henry David Thoreau committed himself to two years alone in the wood. Why did he go? Well, Thoreau believed his generation to be grossly consumed by materialism and abundance, and too distanced from nature, which he viewed as the source of the purest pleasures in life. In Walden, he states that he: …Went […]

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