The Dead of Almost Winter- The Silence of the Lambs, Deer, Squirrels and Birds

When entering Centennial Woods on a clear, 27 degree day in December, I expected the forests to be less active, yet nothing would prepare me for just how inactive it actually would be.  In previous trips, birds enveloped the canopy in harmony and melody alike, filling my ears with the cadences indicative of life.  Today […]

Phenology on the Road- Brushwood Pond, NJ

With the arrival of a Nor’easter early last week, the flora and fauna of the area effectively barred their doors in preparation for a cold and wet winter to lay ahead.  With the exception of fleeting glimpses of Pileated Woodpeckers, Juncos and Cardinals, I saw nothing more in an area teeming with life in the […]

November- Winter is Coming

Brown, Orange, Yellow; The lively days of Summer Decay into the brisk evenings of fall. Warm and sunny to wet and somber; The dark days of December rap at the door, As the brown, orange, and yellow slowly become Enveloped in white. Though the majority of my observations are on the map I created, it […]

“Fall” 10/20

Today I witnessed a forest that was flush with life 20 days ago experience a die-back.  The bees that once buzzed around the marsh appeared to have met the fate of the frost, though bugs like dragonflies, flies and wasps still remain active, though limited in magnitude.  Most birds, with the exception of goldfinches, wrens […]

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10/8- The Discovery

My spot is nestled into the marshlands of Centennial Woods, found by keeping left on the major trails of the nature preserve and heading 200 yards downstream.  The area consists of reeds, tall grasses, joe pye weed and cattails in the moist, swampy areas, with hemlock, eastern white pine and ash trees “high and dry”. […]