The Salmon Hole on the Winooski River is a popular site for fishing located on the city boundary of Burlington. There are also walking trails that run through the small woods along the shoreline of the river. The shoreline is composed of outcroppings of rock with some sandy areas. Here, the river runs east, the water flowing quickly through historic Winooski and towards where it will enter Lake Champlain.

I started looking near the Salmon Hole because I wanted to find a location that is on the water, which would create more diversity of wildlife in the area. I also thought it would be interesting to  observe the fish in the river. I chose this location specifically because the 20 mile radius contains a variety of both biotic and abiotic factors. It includes the water, the shoreline, the rock outcropping, and the trees on the edge of the woods. I also wanted to look near the Salmon Hole because it is easily accessible by public transportation.

You can get to my location by starting at the Salmon Hole sign near the parking area. Follow the sign down the sidewalk to the trailhead marked by two stone pillars. Head down the built-in stairs and keep walking until you pass a bench on the right, then take the next set of stairs towards the water. At the bottom, turn left at the sign that says “to river trail”, and walk out onto the rock outcrop on the water.