Taking Notes in Class

Obviously, taking notes in class is extremely important. These notes are your reference when you need to study for the exam, write a paper, or finish your homework. That is why, it is important to attend class AND take good notes during class.

Sometimes, professors and teachers talk very quickly and cover a lot of material, so that you are unable to understand or write down every word of the class. That is okay! There are some ways you can take notes to get the most important information and to make your notes shorter.

Below are some important strategies to help you take notes in class:

1. Don’t Try to Record Every Word

Summarize and abbreviate when possible. This gives more time to listen and focus on understanding.

2. Use Abbreviations

Some examples:




With or without=w/ or w/o





3. Take or Re-write your notes using as few words as possible

You will get better with practice (and remember to review your notes frequently)

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