Making a Schedule to Manage your Free Time

In college, managing your time well is essential to success. You will need to make sure you have a calendar that can fit all of your activities.

Steps to Making a Schedule to manage your time in college:

1. Record class times and lab times

2. Record meal times

3.Record all other scheduled activities such as meetings, your job, athletic games, or anything else that is mandatory to attend

4. Record any special activities you need to do or want to do every week (such as exercise, practicing an instrument, drawing, meditating, etc.)

5. Schedule a “preview time” before each class when it is possible. This time could be 5-30 minutes where you review your class notes or any assignments for the class.

6. Schedule a time immediately after your classes when it is possible. This time could be 5-30 minutes immediately after each class. Use this time to edit, complete, and summarize your notes. You can also start to look at homework or assignments that were assigned that class during this time.

7. Now, add study/review time for each class in your schedule. Try to schedule some study time each day for each class. This is because you learn more effectively and efficiently if you schedule your study time in shorter, more regular sessions. Also, try to schedule study time in the morning and afternoon for studying. The evening is often an ineffective time to study. Start your study period with classes you like the least or you are not receiving good grades in. That you, you can leave your favorite for last!

8. Schedule a weekly review for each class. Schedule this weekly review at the end of the week if it is possible.  This time period gives you an opportunity to review the entire week’s notes and reading assignments to see what you have been learning the past week. You can also use this time to plan ahead for the next week and determine how much reading you need to do, what projects are due, and if any test is scheduled.

Some other notes about your schedule and time management:

-Keep open some day or evening time for daily physical activity

-On your schedule, keep some time OPEN for academic or personal needs

-Schedule time, especially during the weekend, to play, relax, or do whatever you want to do.

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