Free Time!

1. What is Free Time?
“Free time” is any time that you do not have any mandatory activity. That is, free time is time that you are not in class, eating, or sleeping. In college, you will find that you have a lot more free time than you are used to. However, it is important to use this free time to do things like study, exercise, and do your homework. You do not want to simply use your free time to sleep or watch TV.

2. How can you organize free time?
You should organize your free time in a way that is right for you. Some strategies include keeping a calendar book where you can write down your classes, homework, and other free time activities all in one place. Some people prefer to use a calendar online, such as ICal or Google Calendar ( Often, using different colors can help you organize your free time as well. Use a different color pen for each activity in your calendar. For example, use a blue pen for homework assignments, red for exercise, green for eating times, pink for sleeping, etc. During the workshop, we talked about different ways to keep a calendar and a to-do list.

Another option is to print out blank calendars to fill in. Printable blank calendars are available online:

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