Class Syllabi

Workshop: “How to Read Your Syllabus and manage your free time”

Monday, June 21, 7:30pm, Tupper Lounge

1. What is a Syllabus?

A syllabus is an outline, or a summary of what will be covered during a class. The professor prepares the syllabus for each class. The syllabus for each class will contain detailed information about the class, such as how to contact the professor, what topics will be discussed in class, when the exams and tests are for the class, rules in the classroom, and the grading policy for the class, among other things.

A syllabus is a contract between the students and the professor so that they both understand how the class will run, what the rules are, etc.

2. How do you use a syllabus?
A syllabus helps you plan for the class and understand how much free time you will need to spend working on the class. When you receive a syllabus, you should read it very carefully and ask the professor any questions you have about the class or the professor’s expectations. Then, you should put the dates of the tests, quizzes, and assignments on your calendar. This will help you plan for the class and stay organized.

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