Using Technology for Academic Succeess

Below, you can review a summary of the workshop from last night. Thank you to those students who attended. Please leave any questions you have from last night and I can answer them.

See you all tomorrow for the High Ropes Adventure Course!

Discussion questions:

What kind of technology do you use every day?
Some of the answers: Phone, computer, IPod

What kind of technology do you use when you do homework, study for tests, and talk to your teachers?
Some of the answers: Writing papers and essays, translating, e-mail, chat, Facebook

How do you think you can use technology to earn better grades?
Some of the answers: Writing papers, translating, researching information

There are many tools on the internet to help students learn more effectively:
Create a Google account for free
This account will give you e-mail, online calendar, documents, and other thing. Using a Google document, you can share the document, and many people can edit the document at the same time. Google documents are useful for taking class notes, studying for tests, or working on a group project.
Reading books online
Many websites have books you can access for free. Some of the sites even have books in Chinese!
Project Gutenberg:

Google Books:

Open Library:

Create flashcards online: If you need to remember a lot of vocabulary for a test, you can make flashcards online to practice and memorize words for a test:

Recording Lectures
During class, you can record what the professor is saying and then listen to it again when you are studying for a test. There are many ways to record a class, including:
1. Buy a tape recorder: There are many versions of recorders that will record a class. You can purchase a recorder to take to class with you every day.

2. Macbook users: you have a built-in microphone in your computer. You can type notes on your laptop and record a class at the same time.

3. Livescribe pen: You can write your class notes and record the lecture at the same time

Note: Always ask your professor to see if it is okay if you record his or her lecture

USPP Learning Cooperative Blog:

You can communicate with one another and find tools that can help you with studying. I encourage you to comment on the blog!

You can make your own blog to practice English, keep a journal about your time in the U.S., or to tell your friends about what you’re doing here in the U.S.

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