Description in Wright’s Style

The crunching of the fall leaves under gentle paws breaks the harsh silence of the late fall forest. It takes a bit of walking to finally see that the dense hardwood forest still harbors life. The woods beckon groups of people on short walks to immerse themselves in the shroud of trees. With the path obscured by a thick layer of leaves a silent trip is made into the center of the patch of trees. Through the heart of the forest runs a gentle creek, like the spine of the body of life here. But, the banks carry scars of the past. Harshly in-cut, eroded banks act as piece of evidence of the flood that tore through this little valley in past years. As you move down toward the small wetland, life is beginning to regrow were the soil was once inundated with water. Slowly but surely, ferns have been growing here, under the watchful eye of towering beech trees. But, the ferns are now shriveled and sad-looking, waiting patiently for the long winter to end so that they can grow once more, even stronger. People often walk through this park without truly seeing what it has to offer; if you look closely, one can peel back the layers of the forest and see how far this land has come from being a farm many years ago.