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Phenology Blog

The Redstone (Loft) Woods

Posted: October 12th, 2018 by kwwebb

What is up bloggers? Welcome to my blog. For my phenological location I chose the clearing in the woods out behind the Redstone Lofts, next to the golf course. There are two ways to get there, one is to follow the path that runs next to the athletic center until it bends to the left, to the right at this bend is a small path into the woods that leads directly to it. The other ways is from the opposite side of the Redstone lofts. At the large parking lot behind Simpson and the other Redstone dorms is a path around some tall grasses. I chose this spot because I used its clearing as a hammock and study spot during the first few weeks.

In these woods there are very few conifers, and the dominant tree species are Norway maples, sugar maples, and red oaks. There are lots of saplings still in the early stages of growing. Many of these saplings are Flowering Dogwood. There are also some long grasses and small plants that I cannot identify. I will include a picture of one of the prevailing species of these small plants below, along with pictures of the general area. Next to the clearing there is also a small drainage pond surrounded by tall grasses, bushes, and small trees.

There is lots of evidence of human impacts here. There was a disappointingly high amount of trash when I visited, which I plan on cleaning up during my next visit. Also there is a small fire pit in the clearing next to a wooden bench and fallen tree. Next to the clearing are the remnants of an old high ropes obstacle.



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