The Burlington Waterfront is continually a place that not only deepens human-human connections, but also human-nature connections. A lot of my favorite memories of my first year of college have occurred at my phenology spot. At the first sign of spring, many students were walking down to the water to observe the beauty of the … Continue reading


The temperatures are beginning to fluctuate slightly, having some warm days here and there, but still mostly cold days. I have not noticed any of the trees at my location beginning to flower. There was definitely signs of movement in the water out by the docks, so I could tell that the fish and possibly … Continue reading

Miami Beach

During spring break, I was visiting Miami Beach. I found that this area is very similar and very different to my usual phenology site for many reasons. This is a place that is used for very recreational reasons, just like the Burlington Waterfront Park. It is a place that continually gets people outdoors and allows … Continue reading


I think my phenology place classifies as a wetland, mostly because of its proximity to Lake Champlain. The Burlington Waterfront Park was created with the intention of bringing the water and the land together. This area is home to many water activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating. The Waterfront has changed quite a bit … Continue reading

Wildlife and Winter

The Burlington Waterfront has changed a lot since the last time I was there. The lake has been frozen over in this area to the point where people and animals have been walking on the ice. The trees are still bare because most of them are deciduous. The footprints and wildlife prints seen were mostly … Continue reading

Land Use History

The Burlington Waterfront was once one of the largest lumber ports in the country. Most of its area was taken up for storing and transportation of lumber. The waterfront at this time was characterized by being very industrialized and commercial. In the 20th century, the lumber industry started to wind down and the waterfront became … Continue reading

Waterfront in October

As the air begins to cool, the leaves on the trees of the area surrounding the waterfront park are starting to change color. The amount of people who come to visit this area is becoming less and less. This is causing it to be quieter and more serene. There are no longer many boats and … Continue reading

My Place

My place is located at the Waterfront Park in downtown Burlington. I chose this location because I am fascinated with the tidal activity of this place, and it is also a place that is visited by many people who come to ¬†Burlington. One can get there by either taking a bus down to the waterfront … Continue reading