Phenological Changes: Progression of Winter

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The most significant landscape change is the increase in water flow to the Winooski due to to the melting of the ice sheets. The melting of the snow in the woodland area surrounding the salmon hole has resulted in a thick silty mud collecting on the rocks. The warmer temperatures of the recent weeks correlate with more bud growth and a larger evidence of animals in the landscape.

Classification of Site

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The Salmon hole is a unique ecosystem containing both elements of woodland and wetland. The salmon hole is a small body of water located at the end of the Winooski river surrounded by stratified rocks and lined with many forms of vegetation: ┬ásuch as maples, beeches, birches, and all types of mosses and lichen. The salmon hole harbors beavers and cranes along with foxes, skunks, and other terrestrial mammals. This ecosystem’s large biodiversity and distinctive land formation makes it of great ecological importance.

Water & Ice

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The above picture is a profile view of a thick sheet of ice that washed ashore the salmon hole. These ice sheets, weeks prior, lined the waters edge but a rapid increase in temperature resulted in higher water levels relocating them to the rocks above.

Deciduous Trees of the Salmon Hole

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-sugar maple

-red maple


-paper birch

-yellow birch

Parts of a Twig

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Salmon Hole Tracks

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The first track most likely belongs to a domestic canine and the second track resembles that of a gray fox.

Signs of Spring

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Bud growth observed on red maples and sugar maples; a tell tale sign of an approaching spring.

Human Impact

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The salmon hole ecosystem is influenced heavily by pollution from the surrounding the areas. The water quality of the Winooski is clearly impacted by the factory adjacent to the salmon hole. The woods and shoreline are littered with trash and debris. There are sewage lines draining directly into the Winooski that discolor the water and produce a vile smell. There need to be more efforts made to help improve the quality of the Salmon Hole and the Winooski River.

Link to Freetown Forest

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A Look into Freetown Forest

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