The Freetown Forest

(Wright): The Freetown Forest is as eerie as the tales that haunt this dark ominous landscape. The trees that line the decrepit trails are sharp and craggily vaguely resembling witches hands against a cold blue sky. This landscape is beautiful and unique in it’s vegetation but you can’t help escape the slight uneasiness that follows you as stroll through the bristle grass or walk across an old wooden bridge. The plants and animals that inhabit this wooded area appear to sway to a mysterious melodic tune. The wind that blows through the dried decaying beeches makes a subtle hum. The most vibrant aspect of this rather haunting scenery is the moss and lichen that decompose the rocky trails. Walking through the paths of this elusive terrain it appears that the first frosts of winter have drained the life from the trees. The forest bed is lined with leaves of an orange and brown hue suggesting the trees had shed their leaves weeks prior to my exploration. This forest holds a dark haunting past that can be observed in what is believed to be a tribal burial ground. The trees surrounding the forests clearings bend almost bowing to some unknown presence. Every landscape can evoke certain feelings within it’s inhabitants and the unforgiving terrain of the Freetown Forest can only be defined as haunting.

~ by kpdonova on November 27, 2017.

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