I’m a Ju…Senior?!

18 Sep

Senior year?! It seems like just yesterday I was taking campus tours, receiving more college brochures than my mailbox could hold, and filling out what seemed like an endless amount of applications. And now here I am, three years of my undergraduate career behind me and what I know will be the quickest year yet, senior year, already three weeks under way!

These first three weeks have been a whirlwind of events. The semester began with a false start, when our first day was cancelled due to the torrential downpours Burlington received as a result of Hurricane Irene. Our campus and our city was lucky in comparison to many parts of Vermont and the East, in that we didn’t have much for damage. With the exception of a few downed trees and power outages, we came out of the storm relatively unharmed. The UVM community has stepped forward in many ways to provide clean up efforts, food and monetary donations, blood drives, and other support systems to help those affected by the storm. It’s a great feeling to be a part of a university that does not hesitate to help in any way that it can to provide for its students, their families and our communities. Once the rain stopped and classes began, I feel as though I’ve been in perpetual motion. I’m taking 18 credits this semester and although it’s challenging, they’re all courses that really interest me. Two of them require that I do observations in the Eleanor Luse Center, which is our on-campus Speech and Hearing Clinic. I observe clients working with graduate students and their supervising clinicians, who are licensed Speech and Language Pathologists or Audiologists (some of them are my professors!). So far I have done 3 speech observations and I have my first audiological observation tomorrow. It’s really exciting to see material I’ve been learning in the classroom for the past few years being applied in the career I wish to pursue, Speech and Language Pathology.

Aside from my classes, I’ve been active in my clubs and organizations as well. This year, as a returning tour guide, I’ve played a big role in helping to train new tour guides, which so far has been a lot of fun! I was also appointed Tour Tier Captain, so I facilitate training sessions and work towards making our tour tier as efficient as it can be.┬áSpeech and Hearing Club had our first meeting last week and we had a great turn out! Apples for Autism, our yearly tradition of going apple picking, caramelizing the apples and then selling them to raise money for Autism is on the agenda! I love apple-picking so I’m really looking forward to that. Mortar Board, the senior honor society that I am now a member of, has been in full swing. It has only been three weeks and I’m already looking forward to working with this amazing group of students for the rest of the year. Everyone is so dedicated and reliable. We have come up with some creative ways to fundraise and get our name across campus so I’m really excited to participate in those events.

Well it’s Sunday night, which means it’s time to switch out of weekend mode and make preparations for another busy week. Those preparations might have to wait a few more minutes because this sunset is just too beautiful to miss…



Did I mention this is the view from my room?


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