It’s Still Light Out!

30 Mar

Well, Vermont may be a little behind on the whole “Spring season” thing, with the occasional snowfalls and below freezing weather, but if there is one thing I love about this time of year, it’s the daylight hours! It no longer gets dark at four in the afternoon!! Tuesdays and Thursdays I am in class until 5:15 and Mondays I have class until 7:05. A few weeks ago, when I would leave class and walk outside into the dark, it automatically felt like bed-time. But now, just two days away from April, we actually have some sun into the early evening hours! YES!

Even though the grass may not be green yet and the trees aren’t quite blossoming, UVM is alive with Spring. I’ve seen many games of basketball out on the courts on Athletic Campus, some frisbee tossing on Central Campus and more students sitting outside on benches all over campus. It’s great to see people outside enjoying the sunshine, even if it’s still a bit frigid.

I got some really exciting news last week. I was accepted into UVM’s chapter of Mortar Board, a national honor society based on Scholarship, Leadership and Service for college seniors. Unfortunately I wasn’t in my room when a current Mortar Board student came to my door with a carnation and a lit candle to welcome me into the honor society, but my roommate sure enjoyed telling me about it later! The first orientation meeting is tonight. I’m looking forward to going and seeing if I recognize any faces of other people who are being inducted this year.

A few days ago I witnessed something that made me really happy to be part of the UVM community. I was standing in the Davis Center (our student center) waiting for Brennan’s (a popular on-campus dining location) to open its doors for lunch. When they opened at 11 I walked in to find a staff meeting going on. The man in charge had everyone gathered around and was reading people’s names off of cards, followed by words of gratitude and nice things to say about each and every person. He had the whole bunch laughing and smiling. It was so great to see all of the people who make Brennan’s the delicious food hub that it is being truly appreciated. Many of the visitors I have on my tours are worried that they will just be a number at UVM, with its undergraduate student population at just over 10,000. This recent experience of mine reiterates the point that no one goes unnoticed at UVM, whether you are a student, faculty or staff.

Only five more weeks of classes! Let the snow melt, the sun shine, and the good times roll!


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