Beginning a New Semester

21 Jan

Just this past Tuesday, winter break came to a close and we kicked off a new semester here at UVM.

Thinking back to mid-December, smack dab in the middle of finals week, I looked forward to the month break I had ahead of me filled with relaxation, catching up with friends, and being able to do nothing! Like most other people, I made a to-do list, had really great intentions of completing it and of course, at the conclusion of my vacation, I realized I had only checked a few things off my list. However, doing a whole lot of nothing kept me well rested and ready to start a new semester.

I arrived back to campus this past Monday and it hasn’t stopped snowing since! The first week of classes is always difficult getting back in the routine: waking up to an alarm, bundling up in my down jacket, boots, scarves, gloves and hats and trudging through the snow to class while trying to find all your new classes and memorize your new schedule. The first few days are pretty rough, but before you know it you’re right back in the swing of things, as though you never left. I always look forward to seeing all my friends and hearing about their vacation stories as well as meeting all my new professors. And I’m pretty sure this is going to be a great semester. I’m already enjoying my line up of classes: Biopsychology, Linguistic Anthropology, Cognition and Learning, Research Methods of Psychology II (statistics), and Health Care Ethics. As a double major (Psychology and Communication Sciences and Disorders) I have two advisers, and I have them both as professors this semester! Having an advisor as a professor is a great way for him/her to see how you perform in a classroom setting as well as interacting with you outside the classroom to discuss future plans, careers, interests, etc. And when it comes time for graduate school applications or job interviews, she/he will be a great resource to ask for a recommendation letter.

I anticipate this semester will be a busy one. Besides the 16 credits I’m taking, I have two on-campus jobs and a couple of clubs. I fulfill my work study at the front desk of my residential complex. My tour guide job will be very demanding this semester as well with all the Admitted Student Visit days, weekly tours, and other events. The athletic schedule is packed as well which means lots of Pep-banding for me. And lastly, my Speech and Hearing Science club will begin having regular bi-weekly meetings. Always something!

One week down, fourteen crazy, fun, stressful, lively, exciting weeks to go!


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