The Home Stretch

30 Nov

Only one more week of classes? What!?

Everyone is back on campus after our much needed Thanksgiving break! This year we got a whole week off! Of course we had to sacrifice a few holidays throughout the semester such as Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day, but it was definitely nice to drive home and be able to stay for an entire week. Just like most other college students, I packed up my backpack with lots of work I planned on accomplishing over the week off and came back to campus with the same back pack, untouched the entire week. So maybe I didn’t get any papers written or reading done but I was able spend a lot of quality time with friends and family, eating delicious home cooked meals and passing the days watching movies and crafting some home-made Christmas presents.

The piece of the semester that remains after Thanksgiving break is always a whirlwind. Less than two weeks of classes, a week of reading days and final exams and suddenly it’s time to pack for a relaxing month at home of holidays, more sleeping, eating, family and friend get-togethers, and of course, ringing in the new year! Thanksgiving break gives students just enough time to relax, refresh, and build the energy to sprint through the last bit of the semester.

My plan for the next three weeks? Use my time wisely!! I have numerous projects, presentations and essays due, studying to prepare for finals, gifts to make and shop for, and in my opinion, the most important…my birthday next week!! No definite plans for the special day yet, but hopefully there is a nice dinner with friends in my future!

That about sums it up for now! Like the Little Engine that Could said: "I think I can, I think I can…"


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