I forgot how much I love fall in Vermont

08 Oct

I’m finally starting to accept the fact that summer is truly over. I can no longer escape homework, exams, getting up early, and of course the cooler weather. Last week was my first opportunity to “relax” this semester. No exams, no projects. Of course that isn’t entirely true, because in college there is always something you should be doing. I woke up on Monday with a throbbing head cold: sore throat, headache, runny nose, the works. To make matters worse, it rained all week. No exaggeration. The entire UVM campus was a sea of umbrellas, decorative rain boots, and brightly colored rain jackets. And then there were the silly people like me: sliding around in soggy flip flops, drenched from head to toe without the aid of a rain coat or umbrella. I knew my academic stress free week was too good to be true. When Friday rolled around and the rain wasn’t letting up, I decided that after living in Vermont for almost 17 years, it was time to buy a rain coat. As soon as I walked out of the store, rain coat in bag and 75 less dollars in my pocket, the rain stopped. Just. My. Luck.

Saturday I attended the Soul Food Social, a dinner event hosted by the Black Student Union. The food was amaaaaazing! Everything was home cooked and absolutely delicious. The UVM dance team and step team performed as well as a few vocalists. It was a nice opportunity to mingle and an excellent excuse for getting dressed up.

My delicious plate of soul food.

Yesterday was the first hockey game of the season. I joined my fellow Pep Band members, “peppers,” to cheer on our beloved Catamounts as they faced New Brunswick. As the end of the game neared and New Brunswick was up 3-0, fans started pouring out of the rink assuming that there was no chance of recovery. They were wrong, sort of! UVM scored 2 goals within the last few minutes of the game, one of them being within the last 5 seconds! New Brunswick took the victory, but it was definitely an exciting end to the game. And I think, a great way to start the season.

This week has been another one high on the stress-o-meter. Three exams in one week! In preparation for my Social Psychology exam I read an article my professor published a few years ago. It’s really interesting that many of the professors here at UVM not only teach, but they also conduct research. And professors are always looking for students interested in assisting with a study or even participating in them, often for monetary compensation or class credit.

Anyways, another week down and another eventful weekend in order. I hope the weather stays nice so I can enjoy all the beautiful fall landscapes! More details to come!


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