There are many great areas in Vermont that provide numerous benefits, ranging from ecosystem services to education. The Allenholm Farm, Moose Bog, and Burlington Bay are important aspects that need to be preserved.

Screenshot 2013-12-05 01.05.03Map of the three locations: Dark Blue Marker is the Allenholm Farm,

  Red Marker is Burlington Bay, and the Turquoise Marker is Moose Bog

Each site has unique and different qualities to offer. The Allenholm Farm consists of several farm animals and apple trees and is located north of Burlington by Lake Champlain. Burlington Bay is full of aquatic life and aquatic ecosystems and shows the impacts of an increase in the level of phosphorous in the water. Moose Bog is located in the Northeast Kingdom and is the most isolated of the three locations. Moose Bog is a bog and is composed of the decomposition of organic matter and contains species including Pitcher Plants, Cotton Grass, and Cranberries. Each site has different educational values and biodiversity. The locations have fairly different environments. They do not complement each other because they offer the same resources, but because they each offer unique resources specific to that area.


Biological Diversity: the existence of many different kinds of plants and animals in an environment

Ecosystem Services: the important benefits for human beings that arise from healthily functioning ecosystems, notably production of oxygen, soil genesis, and water detoxification

Resiliency: the ability to adapt to difficult situations and successfully overcome adversity