Winter Baby!

IMG_2828.TRIM (1) IMG_2828.TRIMĀ I don’t know which one is first and which isn’t. The second starts with me making a comment about multiple homeless people living there. This is a quick video of my adventure. The important second half is coming when I can figure out how to post it on this blasted blog but I’m […]

Back In Town

my google map of my spot. And here’s a hot pic of the cliffs: Howdy party people. We’re back together for another round of phenology fun. I went to the forest in my backyard and specifically went to the cliff inside where I’d spent much time. The spot meant quite a bit to me because […]

My Event Map, A Tale of Yesterday

It’s a gallant tale to say the least.

A Happy, Happy Day In Burlington

This was taken on November fourth by the lovely Ciara Tomlinson. This is the traditional spot for my photos and from it one can see how the vegetation that stands out is seen to be a deathly whitish color. It must have lost its pigmentation and then been bleached by the sun. This is the […]

A work of art, my hand-made map

Monday, 10/22/18   This hand drawn map was delicately crafted the 22nd of October 2018. The baby breath has seen a further reduction in population as the cold weather has been setting in and other plants have been wilting as well. No sign of mammals or rodents around the field yet and there aren’t proper […]

Hello world!

This first photo was taken October 8th: I chose this spot because it was very beautiful to view as I ran through it earlier in the school year and I thought that the plant life would show more changes as I viewed it, more so than the other spots I was interested in. One can […]