Now I’ve Done It

Well I had to go back so I could prove to everyone that my site wasn’t all talk and no walk so I trekked my sweet arse out to my site but I took the quicker route this time, heading east on main street and going through the back of the Staple’s Plaza. My labors were not fruitless but I do wish that I had gone at a better time so I could’ve got an even clearer look at how the pads came out in the prints. Still…

 I don’t really know exactly what species this here is but it’s paws couldn’t have exceeded ten centimeters and the formation of tracks look like a bounder’s right?

 I likewise don’t know who’s tracks these might be but they’re much bigger than the rest of the tracks around and the tracks kind of start up again a good couple feet away again so I think that this here is a galloper but I’m still kinda confused as to the differences ‘tween bounders and gallopers in tracks. I know the difference in actual movement but it’s obviously still troubling me. This is the other set of rather sizeable tracks. You can compare my foot for size which is about a foot with maybe a centimeter more boot included. The track shape makes me think that its a diagonal walker with that indirect register thing. I trust that after I go through the tracking lab this will be considerably more accurate and I’ll be able to I.D these.

 These tracks were by far the most common. I think that these could be cottontail rabbit tracks. I make this conjecture because the tracks seem to have the right size and seem to follow a gallop pattern after looking at the handout and the tracking guide.

The tracks were all located either going to or from the cedar bushes and spruce trees on the edge of the field initially I wonder if the rabbits wanted to eat the berries on cedar bushes and took cover under the trees in bushes as well. After I pondered this I followed the tracks and found some go under this opening in the plastic fence on the other edge of the field.

 I followed the tracks over the fence and I stumbled upon quite a sight.

 There are a whole host of tracks here and they seem to be predominantly rabbit tracks. I was wondering why these couple of trees and rocks attracted so much activity and I thought I saw some of the tracks come from the construction site which was in use at the time. Maybe the rabbits got scared off when the workers got to business this morning.

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