Guess Who’s Back

 Well I’ve been gone for just over a month and look what they’ve done. They’ve already got the foundation of a whole new building done. I assume they won’t quit now. They must’ve been working all winter. I saw tracks while they were here before but this won’t make my work any easier but then again I didn’t see them midday today.

To try and meet the assignment’s demands I found the single deciduous tree in the entire field, which was previously inaccessible due to being the encampment of another man but he hasn’t touched his camp in probably over two months due to inclement weather which is advantageous for my studies and terrible for him.

I proceeded to try and identify the tree thereafter. I took observation of the twigs and the bark and I even found one or two shriveled leaves hanging upon it’s limbs still.

I believe that the tree is a red maple/acer rubrum. I made this judgement because the leaf shape makes it some kind of maple, the bark doesn’t seem like a striped maple to me and it’s too tall to be one anyway. Additionally there’s the bud that I saw in the identification video, last semester, for what I thought was red maple and the stem if the leaf is red too. On top of all that red maple is notorious for stump sprouting like this tree here.

After my mental toil I went down memory lane…

 Oh the big bush I always see. It’s so barren.

A little farther down I found a pesky old friend.


I’m fairly certain that this guy is a buck-thorn bush. It’s got that point on the end and the buds look like deer hooves.

 This is the open field but now it’s quite with no flowers softly swaying. I also fail to notice any tracks here but I did notice a couple indistinct tracks on the edge under the bushes. I’ll come again, the snow earlier in the day must’ve covered the tracks of the center field.

 They piled snow way up high, I think over ten feet, between the field and Staples. I got a new view because of this.

I say PETCO on the way back so I stopped in. Here’s what I saw:

My family had ferrets for pets when I was really young so I stopped to take a look and the guinea pigs were running around too. But I didn’t want to spend my day there so I left after a couple minutes.

All in all good day.

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