Winter Baby!

IMG_2828.TRIM (1) IMG_2828.TRIM I don’t know which one is first and which isn’t. The second starts with me making a comment about multiple homeless people living there.

This is a quick video of my adventure. The important second half is coming when I can figure out how to post it on this blasted blog but I’m definitely escited about tracking. It’s really cool and I found that a good bit of tracks could be found around my site, at least previously. The recent augment in development doesn’t look to good for animal sightings. Even the people that were living there left but then again it is winter and it would be hard living through a VT winter outside. I found out that the development history is semi-complex. I actually found this out through the make-up lab I did.

This site showed me that the current developers actually had plans to take the field and construct a condo on top of it quite a while ago. This would explain why the area was cleared of trees allowing the field and everything to grow. The only reason they didn’t develop, according to this article, seems to be that the previous city council head didn’t want a condo built as it would block the view of the mountains from her house and so petitioned against the development. But as we now see the development does seem to be coming to pass. I asked one of the workers there and asked what they were building, unfortunately he was just delivering pipe but he thought that they were building another condo/apartment complex as well. I also tried to find more about the specific land use even farther back during the make-up lab but didn’t find anything. This doesn’t surprise me because, after all, nothing was built there. But in the years between the development attempts a few people were able to establish make shift shelters there with tents and a trail was carved out suggesting frequent passersby from the neighborhood going through for either recreation or to just go to Staples. I mean it is right there.

The videos were taken by Ciara Tomlinson and these pics were as well.  This is a pic from a different view over looking the entire field.

 The snow cover under this spruce really struck me. I can see why animals would like to take cover under evergreens. Don’t it look cozy in there?

 These are some cool tracks that we found. It don’t look like fox tracks or deer tracks which I thought would be the most common but they might be raccoon or porcupine tracks I think. I think raccoons would make sense because of the proximity to Staples and the Quarry Hill neighborhood. I don’t know how close a porcupine would live to these two places and I know that raccoons would have no problem rifling through trash or this and that looking for food.

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