A Happy, Happy Day In Burlington

This was taken on November fourth by the lovely Ciara Tomlinson. This is the traditional spot for my photos and from it one can see how the vegetation that stands out is seen to be a deathly whitish color. It must have lost its pigmentation and then been bleached by the sun. This is the furthering of what was seen last month.

But what is interesting is the lush grass growing underneath that I didn’t take note of last time.

Here’s where I really noticed it. In the parts where one can see in between the taller, standing flowers and such one can also see what looks like even lusher grass. It is presumed that the cover of the dead plants has somehow helped the grass to persist. Of course this could be a trick of the light today but I wonder if the dead plants have helped the grass by dissuading people from walking over the grass and by shielding the grass from weather events like rain or hail. I mention walking pedestrians because I did see a woman pushing a shopping cart through the field to Target, which sits mere feet from the field.

I also noticed an increase in trash in the field today as I walked by. There was even trash sitting in the walkway.

What a tragedy.

I also saw a recent addition to the entrance with the start of some kind of development I think. There were large, stacked pads of tires in front of the construction machine at the fields entrance which was also cleared of a bit of vegetation. The coming days will see great change.

Here’s some other photos I manged to nab whilst there:

I may post a poem as well but no promises. ;>

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