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Human history of my place

In centennial woods there is evidence that native Americans used the land before European settlers came. There were many stone tools found in centennial woods.  When the Europeans came they used  the woods for agricultural purposes.  After land was abandoned in the 1860’s trees stated to grow back within the area.  There are many white pines and maple which shows that centennial woods is a younger grown Forest. finally in 1974 the board of trustees made the land into a natural area. Now today people use the area for hiking. Or from what I’ve seen this is a place where a dad can take his two kids to jump in the water were my spot is or for a friend to take a picture of his other friend right on top of my spot because he also sees the beauty in it. It has been a pleasure to see all of these people interacting with my spot and acknowledging a how special it really was.



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