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Milton Nature Preserve



Intro to the Milton preserve:

Much like my spot in centennial wood I find my spot in the Milton  preserve aesthetically  pleasing. The Milton nature preserve is very special to me. It is located right across from my neighborhood so I was always able to go into it and explore it as much as a pleased. I grew up going to this pond and catching tadpoles with my parents in my friends. It was super fun to go back and to be able to identify the species that are in those woods.


The Milton Nature preserve compared to my spot in centennial woods

Ecologically: My spot in  The Milton nature preserve in upstate New York only had a couple similarities to my spot in centennial woods. Both spots I picked had either a river or a pond in them.  They both had some red oaks. Mostly when comparing tree species I found a lot of differences. The Milton nature preserve had a lot of younger trees than  my spot in centennial woods. there at a lot of young eastern white pine in one area. Most of the trees in my spot at  centennial woods have moss growing on then or have fallen down.  Milton also had a lot if northern white pine and Eastern hemlock where my spot in centennial  had mostly green ash and red maple. There is a lot more Small vegetation at my spot in centennial woods. It has a lot of lady ferns and small grasses. The Milton nature preserve had a lot of broad leaf cattails where the river at my spot has no aquatic plants that I have observed.


Phenologically: My spots were not that different phenologically . New York an Vermont are not very different from each other. In both places all the oak and maple trees had lost their leaves but in the Milton preserve there are mosty conifers so it was much more colorful there.  All the amphibians and fish that are supposed to be in the pond are starting to disappear as well as the river in centennial woods because the change in season.



tree-1 Kara Winslow, Nov.25

cattailKara Winslow Nov.25




Kara Winslow Nov.25


Kara Winslow Nov.25

update on my spot

Event Map:



Changes in phenology:

There is a lot of activity that has happened since I had last visited my spot. The water level has went back down again. On one of the big green ashes at my spot there is now holes created from woodpeckers. Also it seems that many of the trees are developing more moss and fungus on their bark. There were three trees that had fallen since the last time I came as well. the fish are still noticeable in the streams but there seems to be less of them.


Photo gallery:

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Kara Winslow, Nov. 4

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