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Phenology project: Changes in wildlife

Hand-drawn map


Changes in vegetation

Most of the large vegetation are starting to loose their leaves due to the changing season. The smaller vegetation on the ground are starting to look more decayed. In general there also is a lot of missing vegetation due to the recent weather. The rain has caused the stream to increase in width. I noticed that it caused come of the land and vegetation to be eroded into the stream. Also this is due to the streams increased velocity. The berries on the buckthorns in my area are more noticeable now.


Kara Winslow, Oct.21

Evidence of wildlife

The only wildlife I saw was one type of fish species in the lake. The fish like this area due to the cold water and water velocity.  The first time I visited my spot I saw water bugs as well but they must be missing due to the weather.  I heard a bird call from my spot but was not able to identify the bird.  Also although I saw no evidence of it, I believe this would be a great habitat for beavers. There is a lot of dead vegetation for a beaver dam.


Kara Winslow, Oct.21



Introduction to my place

My map


How to get there and why I picked it

This spot was a easy 25 minute walk to get to. I picked this spot because of the aesthetic value I believed it to have. This area has beautiful Green ash tree in the middle of it. Also there is a nice stream running through it which is home to fish, water bugs and other species. This part of the spot will be fun to observe. It will be fun to watch the change in the species thought the season. Also I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the beauty of this spot. When coming back to the spot a second time there was a guy taking pictures of his friend near the ash tree. This just proves to me how special the spot is not only to me but others as well.


There is a 90-95% floor coverage in woody shrubs in my spot. There are a lot of small lady ferns, honey suckle and other woody shrubs covering the floor of my spot. The most common woody plants are green ash, red oak, honey suckle, red maple and some buckthorn.

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Kara Winslow, Oct.14                      Kara Winslow, Oct.14

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