Top of the world…

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better a little birdy passed this along:

That is one excited Keith D. Kennedy.

 Several things about this photograph are amazing:

  1. It was taken during a ‘rainforest canopy walk’ confirming:
    1. I want my dad’s life
    2. Men’s slacks are extremely versatile
  2. My dad does indeed look like a grown up version of Ralphie:
  3. Despite his claims to ‘only be buying postcards’ methinks he might be taking photographs with a certain red camera. (This feels like real CSI: Miami type sleuthing ladies & gentlemen.)

KDK returns NEXT WEEK. I’m going to try and post a new shot each day.

Until tomorrow fair readers.


And then…this happened…

Hello friends. Turns out my dad is the worst person to pull a prank on ever.

So I give you:

The penultimate crotch shot (is that internet appropriate?) This is the image that will be burned into your brain in perpetuity – I might have a few more damaging shots but…this one was definitely at the top of the ‘why did you keep this photo, why!?’ list.

Gosh I miss that guy.

Mad love, Georgia Louise