Where’s Keith-o?

Introducing…WHERE’S KEITH-O (Waldo’s slightly less attractive brother)…where I’ll post gems like this until my access gets revoked. Seriously, dad…did you forget about your blog?

9/27 – Cadiz, Spain

Dad: docked next to an Algerian warship…
Georgia: cool!
Georgia: pictures?
Dad: postcards…
Dad: They are better than the ones I take.
Georgia: okay as long as they’re of the warship.
Dad: OK. I’ll risk their machine guns and try to get a photo for you.

9/10 – Antwerp, Belgium

“Antwerp. Mussels and beer.”


9/10 – Brussels, Belgium

Keith-o actually sent this shot himself from outside the EU parliament. Special guest star: Dr. Manning!

9/6 – London, England

Keith-o enjoys Dali at the Tate Museum (this photo is from a plan for a future addition but was too cool to pass up.)

9/3 – Dublin, Ireland

Keith-o enjoys a brew at Guinness’ Gravity Bar.

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