Just chillin’ with my homies…

Hello there,

Here’s a shot taken quite awhile back when k-squared were visiting Berlin. Soak it in interwebs. Soak. It. In.

I can appreciate what my dad was trying to do here. The gradual increase in height and similarity in posture is indeed aesthetically pleasing. But, to be honest, kken, I expected better.

A true adventurer would have gone for Marx’s lap.

I’m going to add the Marx-Engels-Forum┬áto the list of places I really want to visit based only on information I can glean from photographs of dad’s trip (this list may or may not actually exist.)

Those shiny shoes look like they may have brought many a passerby some seriously luck.

The above shot does make me a bit nostalgic though. Look at that thick(ish) head of hair! Times have most definitely changed. Ah well, hair comes and goes, but raincoats are most definitely forever.

This one was taken in South Africa – it was a tough call not to use this for the last post (think Raiders of the lost Ark folks) but I thought it deserved a little more respect.

It’s pretty awesome, dad, that you’re climbing mountains (& monuments) around the world. You’re one happening dude.


Your #1 Daughtie