An adventure like no other…

Hello friends!

You’re gonna want to trust me and get this playing as you scroll down.

Theme Song for KKENs Life






May I present the made for t.v. movie that rocked the world of several stay-at-home moms:
That’s right…this may look like a simple photograph of Keith Kennedy wearing a panama hat but right before this shot was taken…bam!

I like to imagine KKen appearing in a precursor to that Crystal Skull nonsense. One where he plays a dashing mentor to Indy’s son (who’s now being played be anyone who is not Shia Labeouf.)

His¬†gimmick¬†would be unique lines of dialogue featuring a rambling serious of coding terminology (‘null is not equal nor not not equal’) mixed with political statements (‘Saxby Chambliss…Secret Liberal’) and earnest looks.

Wish I had more time to write today, dear ones, but alas lunch has now ended. Until tomorrow…