The most magical place in the world…

Ladies & Gentleman of the interwebs may I present Keith Kennedy, true devotee of all things museum related. 

A man so dedicated, so determined, so…oh darn…is anyone else having a hard time separating the above image from Brad Pitt’s rule no. 52 cover of Wired magazine?

Dad, you look intense, dude. {Cue soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.} Are all those lanyards supplied by the museum or are you rocking some extras of your own?

To be honest I can’t say for sure if this is technically a museum shot or not. I can only state that past exposure to the face above would lead me to believe that there is some sort of exhibit about to be seen or plaque about to be read.

KManning gets mad props because visiting a museum with this guy is no joke. You need good shoes, a map, a source of water, and several snacks to adequately prepare for a trip to KDK’s Mecca. And, dear readers, that’s just for the exhibit viewing portion of the visit. When KDK heads towards the museum store…find a bench. S*#t’s about to get real.

Love you, diddy.

georgia louise