Non-sequitors, the equator + more…

Hello fair friends!
Sorry for being so remiss about posting. It’s not that a lot hasn’t happened in the world of our traveling friend…

There was this:

Which supposedly has something to do with a line crossing ceremony to honor the god Neptune.

Then there was this:








Which is surprisingly indicative of how many non-sequitors most of my conversations with the captain contain.

Then, just this morning, I got another email (sent to me and the sibs.) It’s impossible not to love email from dad. Nobody writes with as much character as he does. I can just picture him bagel (or some other breakfast item) in hand, keyboard balanced precariously, and that odd am I concentrating or thinking of something else kinda look he gets sometimes when he’s multi-tasking:

We just docked in Rio. Very pretty location. Smallish mountains 
of granite ringing a large bay with city crowded around their 
feet and rain forest trees covering the parts not claimed for 
human houses. It really sounds like a schizophrenic city.
There is a fine arts museum, and I do like my museum visits.

Only twenty-six more days until KKEN docks stateside.