Retail Therapy…

Internet, prepare yourself.

That’s right, a real time photo of KDK in his “african shirt.” Plus (while I don’t have photographic evidence to prove it) he also bought one of these bad boys:

(not the dictator, the hat.)

It’s been an eventful week, dear readers. While dad’s been shopping in Africa,  Rae’s been posting to Fb: “Called my dad, apparently he is in ghana right now, blows my mind!” Which made me realize that I’m the only one of KDK’s kiddos obsessively checking the voyage calendar to see where he is. World = rocked.

What other misconceptions about the universe have I been harboring (other than that this blog will not be forgotten by it’s maker?)


After consulting with my normal crew (anyone who would listen) I’ve decided to keep blogging until my dad notices or returns from his trip (whichever comes first.) This is turning into the longest prank I’ve ever pulled.

Days since first GLK post: 44
Days until KDK’s return: 58

2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy…

  1. phew. until i read your caption, I was figuring some
    unfortunate elderly ghanian woman had been rolled
    for her frock as she strolled by kmart~there are kmarts
    in ghana, yes? anyway, his ‘dashing’ still overcomes
    his ‘doofus’ in the pic. as noted earlier, phew.

  2. (1) just catching up on this all now after reading your victory email
    (2) did not even realize there was such a thing as the voyage calendar
    (3) oops.

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