Retail Therapy…

Internet, prepare yourself.

That’s right, a real time photo of KDK in his “african shirt.” Plus (while I don’t have photographic evidence to prove it) he also bought one of these bad boys:

(not the dictator, the hat.)

It’s been an eventful week, dear readers. While dad’s been shopping in Africa,  Rae’s been posting to Fb: “Called my dad, apparently he is in ghana right now, blows my mind!” Which made me realize that I’m the only one of KDK’s kiddos obsessively checking the voyage calendar to see where he is. World = rocked.

What other misconceptions about the universe have I been harboring (other than that this blog will not be forgotten by it’s maker?)


After consulting with my normal crew (anyone who would listen) I’ve decided to keep blogging until my dad notices or returns from his trip (whichever comes first.) This is turning into the longest prank I’ve ever pulled.

Days since first GLK post: 44
Days until KDK’s return: 58

How’s the election going?

This is perhaps my all time favorite shot of my dad and I. Okay, well maybe not my favorite, but it certainly ranks in my top five. I talked a little to KDK yesterday and came to the realization that:

a. he misses us
b. he may or may not miss work (sarcasm over text is a little hard to determine)
c. he’s having political blog withdrawal

After inquiring after my and my siblings well being he always slips in an “and how’s the election going” question. I can’t say I’m surprised. During a typical election cycle things in the Kennedy family usually work as follows:

8:00AM – new email from dad, subject: “Charlie Pierce.” body: link to a political blog
1:00PM – new email from dad, subject: “saw a great phrase today…” body:  “pure, weapons-grade balonium”
1:30PM – new email from dad, subject: “hockey mom” body: link to this youtube gem
2:05PM – chat message with a quote that I’m supposed to recognize and don’t
2:10PM – chat message to educate me about quote and provide resources for me to learn about things like the conspiracy to take away voting rights by touting voter fraud
4:05PM – reminder (via chat) not to believe in the voter fraud argument with a link to another article

This election cycle has been brutal. I actually have to wade through news stories, parodies, and opinion pieces on my own. I know it has been brutal on Dad too (after all I am a pretty unreliable source.) So, dear readers, if you’ve seen anything good (that doesn’t demand high bandwidth) on the interwebs send it KDK’s way. He may have already voted but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s out of this race.

Surprised to still be blogging,