I’m talking to *you*…

Found this shot:

which pretty much sums up a lot about my dad in one photo. It also sums up my feelings regarding how long it’s been since the big man posted here himself. Even more appropriately:

I so badly want KDK to stumble upon my mischief rather than me spilling the proverbial beans but goodness HOW LONG MUST ONE WAIT?!

I did just get a card from K-squared’s stop in Dublin. I picture him writing it while channeling a full on Irish brogue, “The fellas was in good form and we had good craic!” (I had to Google that last bit.) He left a message for me at work in an actual brogue. It was…incredible. I’ll have to try and get the audio on here at some point.

More Where’s Keith-O coming soon.





2 thoughts on “I’m talking to *you*…

  1. oh my. i so remember that sweater, that look (honed through
    the years), that hair color….(heh heh)…….brogue, eh? just be
    grateful that he’s not calling you from Russia…….
    well, give a ‘Top o’ the marnin’ to the ould bollocks
    when you next chat….esp. from lil’ Amelia May.

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