Give that man a map…

KDK has been radio silent now for a full week. Sure, he’s been crossing the Atlantic (yada, yada, yada) but that seems like a less than legitimate excuse to avoid blogging to me [internet connectivity issues aside.]

I am taking advantage of his absence to post another gem I found:

think this was taken on our trip to the Saguenay Fjord. Look at that intense concentration, that windswept hair, that determined finger pointing! This is a man who knows his longitude from his latitude. Captain, if the ship’s navigation fails, this man will guide you home (or at least to the nearest pub.)

G. Louise

One thought on “Give that man a map…

  1. was he scoping out poutine stands? boudin?
    nice pic–wondering how he found time to
    see the sights if he had to peruse all of those maps….

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