Always a world traveler…

(subtitled: why giving your daughter administrative access to your blog can be dangerous.)

If my calculations are correct than KDK is about halfway across the Atlantic by now. Too far away to properly chastise me for sharing this epic shot I found recently when going through old family photos.

I was tempted to upload this beauty directly to dad’s are the original hipsters but thought you fine readers might get more of a kick out of the ‘stach.

Though he hasn’t been blogging KDK did give me a quick update before they embarked from Nova Scotia. He was sipping coffee in a Starbucks while downloading a large file for an errant faculty member.

He reported that the locals “like my ‘eat more kale’ t-shirt” and that “if I spend a [censored] hour downloading this  [censored] zip file it better work.”

Miss you more than you know, diddy.

Secret agent guest poster: Georgia Louise

3 thoughts on “Always a world traveler…

  1. I don’t believe this is Keith. I’m sure this is some mischievous, slightly deranged bellhop from a Fellini flick .

  2. Ha ha ha! You go girl (Georgia).
    I am very jealous of the travelers, and definitely agree that emBARK is a fabulous word!!

    …It is the star to every wandering bark,
    Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.

    Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.

    Fair winds everyone!
    Alison P

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