Tuesday. Last day.

Tuesday. Last day in Morocco, last day in any foreign port. Next stop Norfolk.

I must have gotten burned out on taking pictures. We got back from a short day of shopping and I have just four. My main objective for the day was to get postage stamps and to get postcards mailed. I did get that done. We visited the main post office right on Mohammed V Square. In this post office, as in Florence, you have to take a number and wait to be called. And when you go to take a number, you have to press the right button depending on what you want to do. (buy stamps, money orders, send package…other services?). Anyway in Florence we gave up. We couldn’t figure out which line we were supposed to get in. Here I approached a guard, showed him a postcard, pointing to the missing stamp, and he waved me off the ticket machine and pointed to window 100. No line! Got stamps. Mailed postcards.

We had walked from the port to the United Nations Square, and headed east planning on visiting the central market. But it was closed by the time we got there. So we walked back a different route and got into a whole other shopping area. We bought some glasses in a covered souk and asked him where the post office was. He walked us out onto the street, down 2 blocks, and pointed out the way for us. On the way there we stopped in a shop that had stovetop espresso pots like the one we used in Radicondoli.

We were seriously needing water at this point but couldn’t find anyplace that sold any. But then just shy of the Square, just before passing out, we came upon the “new medina” shopping area and found a small store that sold us a large bottle of very cold water for 60 cents. Ahhh!

We had a very leisurely lunch in Restaurant de Fleurs. We tried two of the classic dishes. Kathy had a tangine with kefta (spicy meatballs) and I tried harira which is a soup with chick peas, lamb, coriander, lemon and other spices. Both were OK, not great. Worth a try at another restaurant.

After lunch, we returned to that artisans cooperative to get rid of (spend) our remaining Moroccan currency. Our friend there showed us pictures of Regis Philbin who visited their shop and showed a wooden puzzle box he got on his morning TV show.

Loaded with treasures, we headed to the port to catch the shuttle back to the ship well before onboard time.

Goodbye Morocco. We enjoyed our stay.