Casablanca, shopping, Rick’s Cafe

Sunday, Aug 8th. We got some shopping for presents done today. We found a souk run as an artisans cooperative. They have posted prices and don’t bargain. (Well, they did give us a courtesy discount when we cashed out). The guy helping us is the owner’s son. He is a professor of accounting, but it’s summer and colleges are out and he helps out in the shop.  Can’t believe I only got one picture here….

And for dinner we went to Rick’s. Yea, I know. Casablanca the movie was shot in Hollywood and there never was a Rick’s in Casablanca. OK buddy, but there is one now! And it was very well done. Nice food, nice atmosphere, nice live jazz music. I had a champagne cocktail in Bogart’s honor. We took the shuttle from the ship to the port entrance (about 1 mile) and the walked the rest of the way. We also walked back after. The street is big, and pretty well lit, and a lot of traffic. Seemed pretty safe. Of course, you are always guessing about that. Anyway, made it back safe and sound to the port, and the guard there helped us get  a cab to take us the rest of the way.