Sea Olympics!

Each SAS voyage they hold the Sea Olympics. Opening ceremonies are the night before, with a parade of teams proudly carrying their banners and wearing their colors. Each team is named for one of the seas. Adriatic, Carribean..etc. This year the faculty staff was rebranded. Previously competing as the Dead Sea, this year, with increased aspirations, we competed as the “Diploma Sea”. (Cause we already got ours). White was our color, and (drum roll please) we did NOT finish last. Up against young, strong, handsome students, we used our remaining strength, well developed endurance, brain-power, and promises to some of the judges to finish second! (second from last).

I competed proudly (but not particularly successfully) in ice-cube chop-stick, mashed potato sculpting, tug-of-war, and crab soccer. For your enjoyment, witness the pomp and circumstance of the Summer 2010 Sea Olympics!

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