Turkish Bath

Not many pictures with this posting. I apologize.

Friday night we headed out with David and Lois to take a Turkish bath. Walk/metro/map-check/ask directions/ ah, we are there. We enter off the street, down marble steps, into a reception area. We choose what services we want. I went for the whole thing.

So, first into a private changing room. Off clothes, cotton wrap sarong style, pair of awkward wooden slippers. Lock room, bring key. Into the warm room. There is a raised marble platform in the center. Lie here, look at the stars cut into the domed roof, and begin to sweat. Then the attendant shows up and gives a vigorous massage. Then off to one of the alcoves that rings the room where the attendant scrubs you with plain water and a canvas mitt. Then lots of cool water dumped over you, then the attendant washes you with sudsy water and something resembling a hand-held mop-head. But it feels more like one of those lacey bath sponges.  After having a few gallons of cool water dumped over you (which feels great in the heat), you exit the warm room, get a few towels to dry yourself and wrap yourself, and head back to your changing room.

Once dressed, you sit in a small courtyard drinking juices and teas waiting for the ladies to finish, because for an unanswerable reason they take about an hour longer than the men.

I think we need one of these in Burlington. After all, we can make it with Vermont marble right?