The Şehzade Mosque (Turkish: ‘Şehzade Camii’)

And now our first visits to beautiful buildings in Istanbul.

First, the Şehzade Mosque.  According to my friend wikipedia:

The Şehzade Mosque was commissioned by Sultan Suleiman I in memory of his eldest son, Prince Mehmet, who died of smallpox at the age of 21 in 1543, though the cause for his death is disputed. It was the first major commission by the Imperial Architect Mimar Sinan, and was completed in 1548. It is considered by architectural historians as Sinan’s first masterpiece of classical Ottoman architecture.

Then back on the bus, passing under a 4th century Roman aqueduct (Constantinople was the sat of the Eastern Roman Empire pre-Ottoman-control…). Encountering some rain as we approach the “Blue” Mosque.